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The Pleasure Of Components – Why I Love My Razor Junkyard

In addition to my line of shave ready razors, I purchase a considerable variety of busted razors that have no apparent value or historical significance (bear in mind that some razors, even when broken, DO have value).


Why would I spend for busted razors?


These razors that would generally be disposed of are an useful resource of product for someone that examines razors as well as fixings them. I have actually written a number of write-ups on razor remediation and also how I am usually opposed to it, beyond a standard cleaning and also honing. Nevertheless, a blade with damaged scales or a set of scales holding a damaged or badly wore away blade will never be an electric razor, neither, unless it is something absolutely unique, will it ever before be a collection agency’s item.


When I DO make repair services, I only make use of parts that are initial to that type of razor. And also given the thousands of different makes of razors available, one requires LOTS OF components to have a chance at having the best one needed for a genuine repair work. If I could not fix a razor authentically, I do not do it. That’s why broken razors are so important to me. They offer the source of authentic parts that I should make busted razors entire once more. In such a way, I am running a personal, automobile-style junkyard for razors. Till I find original components, gorgeous blades sit in specific baskets waiting on scales; scales await blades as well as appropriate collars. The only products that definitely can not be restored from an old razor are the pins. That is why I protest the elimination of pins for the objective of cleaning a razor. Once they are out, a brand-new one have to be made to replace it.


Much like in a great Junkyards near me, organization of your parts is essential. I organize them by the GOOD part in the damaged “whole” razor. This leaves me with 2 key bins:


  • Great blades with broken scales
  • Excellent ranges with broken/badly damaged blades


I try to maintain the broken razor whole up until I need the component, as it offers me with important info about just what selects just what. I also keep a few various other containers of especially tiny items:


  • Pivot pin washing machines
  • Cut pivot pins (as instances).
  • Pin collars.
  • Wedges.


Even these things I try to keep together as long as feasible. One thing I do NOT keep are celluloid scales which have actually begun to degeneration. If I want to record the blade that went with such scales, I will photo it. Decaying celluloid is too much of a hazard to metal to require keeping anywhere near your collection. But be careful just how you dispose of celluloid scales … they increase like the Hindenburg when revealed to extreme heat or fire. If you really feel the have to have this shown, take a SMALL item of celluloid as well as clip it to the end of a hemostat or tongs, after that light a suit to it and also stand back – the taking place conflagration goes over (An entirely unconnected, but equally cool fire can be made by touching the get in touches with of a 9 volt battery to 0000 steel woollen, yet this will certainly be the topic of an additional write-up). See to it you are outdoors or standing near a sink when you attempt either demonstration.